Quality Assurance

Quality has been the foremost concern since the very beginning. Our raw materials are sourced from reliable places and subjected to in-house inspection determination of their acceptability. The inspections are done by highly experienced and specialized experts. The inspection is followed by further development and refinement of the products. Another round of quality-check is conducted before the final delivery of the products.

The organisation has sophisticated and state of the art chemical, physical, metallurgical, ultrasonic, radiographic, microscopic testing facilities in laboratories to test and control the quality of it's products with experienced and qualified personnel.

All equipments are kept duly calibrated traceable to national standards with stickers placed on them showing calibration status. Specialised gauges are designed and developed for dimensional inspection and profile templates are kept for in-house calibration of the same at periodic intervals. For qualification of processed parameters, destructive tests are carried out on finished products and specified intervals.

Research work for further improvement is also undertaken in our laboratories. Every product has to go through an intense stage wise quality control regime laid down in the quality assurance plan duly approved by RDSO and Incorporated withe quality management system under ISO 9001:2015.

Above all, the firm policy of Management that quality can not be comprised under any circumstances what so ever communicated and cultivated deep down at every level ensured that almost negligible failures are reported from customer's end.